Riga nightlife trend and secret disclosure!

We organize Riga Bar and club tours


Riga is the city that never sleeps, and this statement is especially true in the summer, when the sun sets only briefly. We offer you bar and club excursions with our night life experts. With the help of our Nightlife Expert, we will guide you through Riga’s most hot, fancy & glamorous clubs. If you are interested in experiencing the Riga’s cutting-edge nightlife, we strongly recommend joining us. We guarantee you the best tour of Riga’s Nightlife.

– Vip entrance to 2 bars and 2 or more clubs
– Entertaining guide & transfer
– Optional partybus cruisin’ to clubs & bars
– Optional Vip entrance & status, reserved table, no need to queue
– Ending/ beginning in 26th floor Skyline Bar, entrance & welcome drink

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