Husky sled ride


Live Husky sled rides. Husky Dogs are true hard workers and they love to do what they do. Be aware – husky dogs are extremely friendly. They can adore and kiss you till from the first met. Pulling a sled they normally reach 60km/h, but it would be too dangerous for amateurs. That’s why we offer you 30-40 km/h fast ride in the charming Latvian forest-the true habitat of husky dogs. Explore real dog breeders and trainers camp, Latvian nature and of course lovely, cuddly, shaky and sporty husky dogs.

– 30 minute ride in 2 seat sled
– Guide and transfer
– 6 person ride at once possible
– 2 hour door-to-door event
– Real Country-side sauna warming up option

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