Sightseeing tour in Ventspils

Guided tour in Ventspils


Ventspils is the city with a trading port, situated on the shore of the Baltic Sea, near the mouth of the river Venta. The city was founded in the 8th century by the German knight from Teutonic Order (Teutonic Order), and in the Middle Ages, played the role of a major shopping center and port. Due to transit, the profit from which is invested in the development of tourism infrastructure in Ventspils – the city looks much well-kept and has a lot of interesting tourist attractions and sights.

In Ventspils you will also see, hear, remember:
– Castle of the Livonian Order (Livonian Order) of the 13th century;
– Radio Astronomy Centre in Irbene;
– Ski hill “Lembergs Hat” (mountain height of 50 meters);
– Ventspils Adventure Park and Deer garden, where from a height of 6.5 meters, you can watch the deer and wild boars;
– Children’s Town with modern attractions for several age groups of children;
– Olympic Centre, where there is: football, basketball and ice hall, athletic stadium, swimming pool and skate park.

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